To be the No. 1 top of mind household name in the beauty industry in the world by 2024 that focuses on Vitamin C based products by providing effective solutions to our targeted customers for their skin problems, backed by tested and proven results, producing world-class products and branding, and to empower our team members and stakeholders to improve their income level.


  • Provide effective solutions for skin problems.
  • We aim to help and improve customer confidence by giving them healthy and glowing skin.
  • Ensuring quality by utilizing pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that has been tested with scientific studies.
  • To establish manufacturing facilities that complies with international standards and certifications
  • To collaborate with government agencies and financial institutions to increase financial strength,
    improve manufacturing capacity, utilizing high tech machineries and market expansion.
  • Cultivating international standard quality in terms of manufacturing, packaging, branding, products
    and services.
  • To win awards for branding in international expo.
  • Empower our agents, team members and stakeholders to improve their income and standard of
    living through high impact leadership and entrepreneurship training.
  • To develop and train 500 active stockist and 10,000 active agents worldwide
  • To penetrate mass market by entering pharmaceutical chain, convenience store and beauty chain store.
  • Target to achieve RM6million sales in 2020 for Malaysia market, RM10million sales for Asia market in 2022,
    and RM25million sales for a worldwide market in 2024.
  • To penetrate at least 50 countries by 2024.
  • We aim to be listed on Bursa Malaysia in 2025 (IPO).
  • We target to produce at least 30 millionaire worldwide by 2025.


  • Optimism: Dream big. Through persistence and hardwork we are confident that we can achieve a greater success in the future.
  • Result-oriented: Teamwork and collaborate systematically to deliver the desirable outcome according to the KPI.
  • Agility: We need to adapt to future trends quickly to stay relevant in the market. Be responsive towards changes and challenges, and act accordingly.
  • Never give up: We don’t accept defeat easily. Instead of problems, we focus on solutions.
  • Giving: Be grateful and helpful. Share our knowledge to improve the whole team.
  • Exceed Expectations: Over-delivering in producing international quality products and services.