Want to be part of ORYN Skincare family?

We are open now for Agent Registration!

What You Will Get?

Free E Book & Training Worth RM300
Free Marketing Class & Advance Marketing Class for Leader & Group Leader
Free Grooming Class with ORYN Image Consultant
Exclusive Reward from HQ

Terms And Condition

A) Appointment and Responsibilities of Business Partners 
  1. Business Partner can only be officially appointed by ORYN HQ at www.orynskincare.com/agent.
  2. Business Partner needs to achieve sales targets set by ORYN HQ.
  3. High commitment and active involvement through training programs organized by ORYN HQ.
  4. Always maintain the good name and image of ORYN HQ as well as the ORYN Skincare product brand.
  5. Not engage in activities that violate the terms and conditions set by ORYN HQ.
B) Business Partners Terms
  1. Business Partner must be 16 years old and above and a Malaysian citizen.
  2. Fill in the Business Partner application form clearly and correctly. ORYN HQ reserves the right to terminate the contract if the information provided is false or misleading.
  3. Business Partner must comply with the conditions set by ORYN HQ.
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